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We Curate Really Good Goods.

Welcome! Here at Really Good Goods, our purpose is to really do good, by selling really good goods. 

We sell specialty coffee and herbal tea from Timor Leste and we want to tell the great, meaningful stories behind the wonderful products of social enterprises. 

100% of the profits from the sale of Really Good Goods will go towards supporting educational causes in Timor Leste, creating greater access to education for the next generation. 

We believe everybody can be a changemaker, when you purchase our Really Good Goods you are helping to better the lives of the farmers in Timor Leste.

Yes, you will be doing good when you purchase our products, but don't buy just because of the social cause, buy because they are REALLY GOOD GOODS. 

Really Good Coffee

Organically grown in high altitudes above 1400m, these beans are also the winner of the first cupping competition in Timor Leste with an average score of 84.45. 

We source our coffee beans from a social enterprise in Timor Leste- Cafe Brisa Serena, who works closely with farmer groups in a region called Letefoho in the Emera district to teach them better farming techniques and purchase higher quality beans from the farmers, paying them a higher rate.


Really Good Tea

Hailing from Maubisse sub-district in the Ainaro district in Timor Leste, our organic herbal teas are grown and handpicked with care by women under the coffee cooperative COCAMAU.

These tea comes from social enterprise PARCIC (Pacific Asia Resource Centre Interpeople's Cooperation) who work with the coffee cooperative and the women groups in Maubisse, helping them produce better quality agriculture products that can improve their livelihood.


About Timor Leste

Home to 1.2 million, Timor Leste is the youngest country in Southeast Asia, having obtained its independence in 2002 after years of turbulence. This lesser known country has beautiful landscapes and is also home to some of the best specialty coffee in the region. 


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