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Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?

A good friend once shared about a TED talk video by Simon Sinek, teaching us how to market ideas differently and inspire action. The main point is to start with the 'why' instead of the 'what' and 'how'. Essentially, it talks about knowing and communicating your purpose, why does the business exist, why we do what we do. So that got me thinking, what is the 'why' for Really Good Goods? 


Really Good Goods started with a simple intent- a pure desire to do good using the little skills I have. I was inspired by a social enterprise called 'Thank you co' in Australia (IG @thankyouaus). Thank you produces everyday essentials like bottled water, hand soap, shower foam with awesome packaging designs, sell them at a competitive price and contribute all their profits to supporting social causes. Each of their product comes with a tracking code where customers can go to the website and see where the profit from this product goes to. Thank you is the perfect model for a social enterprise- they operate like a business, produces great products, do cool marketing campaigns, hire passionate staff and use all their profits to fund sustainable development projects that help end global poverty. How cool is that? 

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Inspired by the Thank you co model, I felt that there is room for creating an online marketplace for commercially viable social goods- good quality products that people consume and desire for with a social cause. Hence, the birth of Really Good Goods. The brand encapsulates what we hope to offer on the platform- products that are REALLY GOOD. This guides our product strategy, only giving customers good quality products that are worth the price. 


What makes us a social enterprise? This term is quite loosely defined. Social enterprises can operate in many models, common models include providing employment to the marginalised & direct profit plough-back. With the small set-up, I figured profits plough-back would make the most immediate impact. Plus, I hope the sale of our products can help the Timor community in some little ways. Quality goods that do good- sounds like a good idea right? 


We tend to hold people who start a successful movement or business in high regard. We term them as the changemakers. Actually if everyone takes that one step towards a commitment they believe in, collectively it would have a huge impact. Start small, everyone matters. You matter. Simple steps like using fewer plastic bags (all these talk about how plastics are destroying the environment has got to me). Buy responsibly, support social businesses. For the same price or perhaps with just a slight premium, you can contribute to the bettering of lives of those in need. Do you believe you can make a difference? 


Making really good products that do good available at a competitive price for all who care. Yes, that's our why for Really Good Goods. Would YOU be a changemaker and join us on this journey? 

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