Really Good Goods

Join Us on This Journey

Really Good Goods aims to do good and bring change to the communities where we source our products from. We buy our products through organisations who are committed to the cause of improving the lives of the locals. These organisations purchase products from the local farmers at a fair trade price and invest in education programmes to improve the farmers' productivity as well as the quality of their produce.

We aim to be a marketplace carrying specially curated products with a social cause. Through this marketplace, we hope to create awareness and interest for the social enterprises that we buy our products from and tell their stories. We are not here to build just a collection of goods, but really share a collection of stories.
Profits from Really Good Goods will go towards supporting projects that can improve the livelihood of communities from some of the countries we source our products from. For instance, this year, the profits from the sale of Really Good Coffee will go towards a building fund for a school in Timor Leste.  

Our products are higher priced not just because of the social cause. We believe that high prices are justified if there is a difference in quality. Special care is taken to ensure that the products we source are of high standards and quality to qualify as really GOOD goods. For instance, our Really Good Coffee are beans of specialty coffee grade with a cupping score of 84.6. 
Buy not just because you want to do good, buy because you think they are Really Good Goods.